Design for Theatre

The Sage, the Dancer and the Fool

Words and Music: Tomson Highway
Choreography: Rene Highway

Directed by: Tomson Highway and Rene Highway
Set Design: Patsy Lang

Costume and Prop Design: Nadé Nixon





Toronto:  Native Canadian Centre of Toronto*
Dora Mavor Moore Nominee: Outstanding New Play – Tomson Highway

Cast: Alejandro Rhonceria, Billy Merasty and Kennetch Charlette
Artistic Director: Tomson Highway

The Beavers written by Ronald Weihs

Music by: James Gray
Directed by: Tomson Highway and Cheryl Cashman
Asst. Director and Choreography: Rene Highway

The Beavers Web NN
Music Director: James Gray
Set and Lighting Design: Scott Orlesky
Costume Design: Nadé Nixon

Music by: James Gray
Lyrics by: Ronald Weihs, except: ‘Prime Minister Pandemonia-May’ lyrics by James Gray and Ronald Weihs and, ‘The Mother Earth Song’ music and lyrics by Jani Lauzon

Toronto: Native Canadian Centre of Toronto

Cast: Herbie Barnes, Ned Benson, Jack Burning, Tina Bomberry, Kennetch Charlette, Gloria Eshkibok, Gaye Huycke, Nick Johne, Jan Kudelka, Jani Lauzon, Marien Lewis, Billy Merasty, Nion, Sue Morrison and Alejandro Ronceria

Visit Native Earth Performing Arts Online at: to find out more about past and current performances.


A musical play directed by Paul Kirby, music by Michael Paterson and Chris Snell, lyrics by Carol Bolt, set design by Paul Williams and Adriana Kelder Kirby, costumes by Nadé Nixon

Caravan Theatre #1

THE CHOIR – felt and resin masks with painted aprons

The Choir Masks small

Study Guides

Study guides developed by Nadé in collaboration with The Market Hall Performing Arts Centre and Public Energy of Peterborough

What does “the Vision Impure” mean to youME_Taming_Study_GuidePDF documents…


V Mantsoe Study Guide 2015




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