Design & Production for Film & Television

Samples of work in film, video and television: costume and fashion design, special effects costume  production (animal heads, breakdown (making things appear aged), hats, boots, shoes, etc.) and stage-design.                                                    Continue reading “Design & Production for Film & Television”

Arts Education

This section is password protected for student work that has not been exhibited in a public space. Skateboard Design and Business Program (SKDB) This program was first offered and taught by Nadé in the spring of 2017.  Due to the programs success in re-engaging students Nadé is teaching a 2nd SKDB program, a fall/winter session.  UnitsContinue reading “Arts Education”

Design for Theatre

The Sage, the Dancer and the Fool Words and Music: Tomson HighwayChoreography: Rene Highway Directed by: Tomson Highway and Rene HighwaySet Design: Patsy Lang Costume and Prop Design: Nadé Nixon     Toronto:  Native Canadian Centre of Toronto*Dora Mavor Moore Nominee: Outstanding New Play – Tomson Highway Cast: Alejandro Rhonceria, Billy Merasty and Kennetch CharletteArtisticContinue reading “Design for Theatre”